VP Content Creation

Of all the gin joints in all the corners of this internet of things, you've walked into ours, and we're honored and excited you've found your path to us. Serendipitous? Perhaps. Destiny? Maybe. Either way, we're sure you have plenty of questions. What's a VP Content Creation do here? Who starts a job ad like this? What's a KCM? Let's address a few...

Who we are...

Here at KCM, we believe in families. In fact, we’re kinda like one big family ourselves. More specifically, we believe that every family should feel confident when buying and selling a home. It is, after all, one of the biggest decisions a family can make.

We’ve set ourselves on a mission that we’re hoping you’ll join: We are inspiring the movement to change the way Real Estate advisors educate and serve their clients. We’re building our ranks with professionals committed to reshaping the American Real Estate industry. Our Members help families make informed decisions by providing accurate guidance and expert advice, not just from the standpoint of what’s best financially, but also what’s best for their family. You will help support our Members, and in turn, this Movement.

On the lookout for superheroes

Have you ever read an article or watched a video that immediately simplified something that was previously complex? And you got that feeling, "Ah, now I get it!" Well, the people who created that piece of content have a gift. And they're unique. They're kind of like superheroes.

And we're lucky to have a few of them on our team. They're studying and simplifying the biggest factors, challenges, and opportunities facing the real estate industry. Now we're looking for a leader for our super-team. Someone whose super power is combining and multiplying super powers of others... for good of course 😉

The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts

Our goal is two-fold: provide confidence to families looking to buy or sell a home, and help the real estate agents dedicated to helping these families towards this end. To accomplish this, you will lead and develop our existing team of content creators and professionals. You will set and achieve aggressive goals. You will strive every day to provide more value to our community and our Members. You will strengthen the core of what we do, while also stimulating progress to continue to meet the needs of the market. And you will do this by leveraging the unique strengths of your team to produce exponential results from their capabilities and efforts!

Kick It with the Cool Kids

Not to toot our own horn here…who are we kidding, we’re tooting... but KCM is a pretty awesome place to work. In fact, we were recognized by Great Places to Work in 2016 as the "#4 Best Small Workplace in America." Check out what some of our Crew Members think about working here by watching the video.

We definitely work hard and will demand the best from you, but we’re more like family and friends than “office co-workers.” We offer a challenging, fun, and exciting work environment. You will be challenged. You will be pushed to grow. And we hope you push us forward as well.

The Quick and Dirty

If you’re the right person for this position, by now your heart should be beating just a little faster, and your palms might be a little sweaty (don’t worry it happens to the best of us). Here’ s a quick rundown of the VP Content Creation position.

Who You Are:

  • You are disciplined
  • You have a coaching mindset
  • You value research and analysis
  • You value the art of writing
  • You believe there's no such thing as "can't," only "won't"

What You Love:

  • Helping others learn
  • Language and communication
  • A good challenge

You Are NOT Someone Who:

  • Prefers to do things on your own
  • Demands perfection
  • Is comfortable with the status quo
  • Hates humans

Ideally, You Possess:

  • 7+ years working in content creation, publishing, editing, journalism or a related field
  • 3+ years leading a team of direct reports (at least two other people)

Bonus Points If You Have:

  • Experience working with real estate professionals or reporting on the real estate industry
  • An advanced degree in leadership
  • Superpowers of any sort


  • Competitive, based on experience

How to Apply

We have a non-standard application process.

To jumpstart the process, we ask a few questions we normally would ask at the start of an interview.

This helps speed up the process and lets us get to know you a bit better right out of the gate. Make sure to answer each question, and feel free to have some fun with them. Creativity is certainly encouraged.

Click the button below to apply now.

Then just wait for us to reply. It can take some time to read through all the applications, but we do read each and every one, and we respond to everyone (even if it doesn’t seem like a great fit).

We’re excited and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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