What can the KCM Membership do for you?

Understand what's happening in the market - and why - without spending hours upon hours doing the research yourself

The KCM Crew pores over news & reports from the most important sources in real estate.

We then analyze everything and turn all this information into actionable insights.

In addition to sharing these key takeaways with you, we also show you how to explain them to your clients so that they can make more informed decisions with you as their trusted expert advisor.

Simply & effectively communicate what's happening to your prospects & clients, and what it means for them

In addition to helping YOU understand what's happening in the market, we package up our insights and takeaways into daily blog posts, quarterly eGuides, and charts/graphs that can be shared directly with your clients.

Fill your social media accounts, email marketing, direct mail templates, client presentations, and other marketing activities with valuable information that will help your clients.

Brand yourself as the most knowledgeable agent your prospects & clients will ever meet.

In today's real estate landscape, it's vital that you serve your clients as an expert advisor who can help them through some of the most important decisions they'll ever make.

The key to offering your clients a value they can't find anywhere else is staying up to date on what's happening in the current real estate market, and being able to simply and effectively communicate this information to make it meaningful.

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What exactly do you get with the KCM Membership?

  • Personalized Posts

    Daily blog content written by KCM, personalized with your name, photo, & contact info.

  • Monthly Market Updates

    Keep yourself current on the real estate market to show consumers you are the expert they need.

  • Buyer/Seller Guides

    Done-for-you seasonal eGuides that you can give directly to your prospects & clients.

  • Professional Visuals

    Powerful charts & graphs that are perfect for client presentations and marketing activities.

Over 11,000 real estate professionals across the country use KCM every day to educate themselves and share valuable information with their buyers and sellers.

Share daily blog content personalized with your name & photo

Personalized Posts let you easily share daily posts from the KCM Blog that are automatically personalized with your brand instead of ours.

This feature is all about helping you stand out as the market expert. Click on the laptop video icon to see how it works.

Stay current on what's happening in today's real estate market

Every month, the KCM Crew pores over reports from the largest sources of real estate news.

We then break everything down in one 30-minute video that simply and effectively communicates what's happening in the market.

Our Monthly Video Update keeps you current on the latest real estate news, and provides the latest slides and visuals you need to explain things to your buyers & sellers.

Professional, client-ready guides for your buyers and sellers

Every season, we provide updated 15-20 page eGuides that you can give directly to your prospects & clients.

These professional, done-for-you guides can be emailed to your database, used as a pre-listing package, shared at open houses, & much more.

Boost your marketing and presentation materials with powerful, professional visuals

We help you show buyers and sellers why your advice is perfect in the current market with convincing insights presented in charts, graphs, and visuals.  Learn more >

Try KCM free for 14 days.

Just $19.95/month after the trial.

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What KCM Members are saying...

Sarah Schliem

I am a new agent and found the KCM Membership extremely helpful. I did my first Personalized Post on Facebook, and within just a few minutes I already had someone asking me to list their house!

Sarah Schliem Century 21
Tori Denton

I just love the Keeping Current Matters materials… the KCM graphics and posts give me just what I need to increase my expertise while sharing knowledge in a simplified, flashy format to my clients and prospects through all of my media sources.

Tori Denton Park Square Realty
Ann Wallace

Before KCM, when asked “how’s the market?” I was shocked to hear myself say “good” – I had nothing else to say! The KCM Membership helps me answer that simple question with an educated, insightful response.

Ann Wallace Watson Realty Corp.
Krista Osborne

The KCM Membership is an amazing tool from so many angles… one of the greatest parts is the dual value add and investment of marketing dollars; education for myself about the industry and the opportunity to share with my sphere to learn and grow at the same time.

Krista Osborne Windermere Professional Partners

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Just $19.95/month after the trial.

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How do you communicate to your clients what's truly happening in the market right now?

Let KCM provide the content you need to be seen as THE market expert in your area!

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