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Every month, we turn the latest real estate news and information into actionable insights. Then we teach you how to show your clients what it means to them, and provide professional materials you can use to communicate the key takeaways.

Every monthly market report includes three sections:

These 30-40 minute monthly videos are included as part of the monthly KCM Membership.

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  • Personalized Posts

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  • Buyer/Seller Guides

    Done-for-you seasonal eGuides that you can give directly for your prospects & clients.

  • Professional Visuals

    Powerful charts & graphs that are perfect for client presentations and marketing activities.

Over 14,000 real estate professionals across the country use KCM every day to educate themselves and share valuable information with their buyers and sellers.

Share daily blog content personalized with your name & photo

Personalized Posts let you easily share daily posts from the KCM Blog that are automatically personalized with your brand instead of ours.

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Professional, client-ready guides for your buyers and sellers

Every season, we provide updated 15-20 page eGuides that you can give directly to your prospects & clients.

These professional, done-for-you guides can be emailed to your database, used as a pre-listing package, shared at open houses, & much more.

Boost your marketing and presentation materials with powerful, professional visuals

We help you show buyers and sellers why your advice is perfect in the current market with convincing insights presented in charts, graphs, and visuals.  Learn more >

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